Armenia’s current art schools (colleges, fine arts institutes, universities, etc.) teach exclusively the traditional means of art with soviet methodology. This is due to lack of technical basis and specialized literature and partly because of the negative attitude towards new technologies. In 2008, NGO initiated the Media Lab half-yearly educational program, which has at its core the importance of filling this gap.

The research, discussion and experimental process around contemporary art practices carried out within the framework of Media Lab aims at contributing to the students’ acquisition of technical/theoretical knowledge and artistic experience as well as the formation of their individual artistic handwriting and speech and a critical attitude towards technology.

The program consists of a series of workshops which  teach the participants about:

  •  history and theory of photography
  • creative writing
  • traditional and contemporary technologies of photography
  • film composition skills
  • photograms, collage and double lighting
  • digital photo developing and editing tools
  • camera operator skills
  • script preparation and creation
  • video editing software and theory
  • creation and presentation of artistic projects

The participants obtain specialized literature and video materials from’s library and other necessary tools from its technical laboratory. They can also familiarize themselves with the local and global contexts of art and meet with local and foreign artists, photographers, camera operators, critics and curators.

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