As a result of Utopiana’s everyday activity a number of documents, letters, concepts, books, films, artistic folders, realized and incomplete projects have accumulated. The presence of the above mentioned materials, that already existed in the past, are also felt in our current activity today as a mental and physical rhyzomathic network the separate elements of which can get active at any moment. Today in our work we admit the process of the voluntary activation as our approach to archivation which will let us get back to our own past when the need of it is emphasized or when it becomes urgent for our today’s activity.

Our online Archive is a result of the development of this approach: audiovisual materials, documents, documentation, that are already available to a larger scale of public, acting both as part of our history and as an independent collection of materials, each of which can be activated becoming a material for other sort of researches, thus, at the same time, activating our approaches to the living archive that we are interested in.