Support MediaLab

Currently we have launched a crowdfunding campaign to sustain the new educational year of our Medialab project.

Back in 2008, we started MediaLab as the first free media-art school in Yerevan. Since then, around 50 students/artists learnt the theory and practice of contemporary art, developed their individual artistic skills and critical attitude towards technology.
Unlike other art schools in Yerevan, we emphasize student-centered instruction and transform the learning process into a facilitated journey of self-discovery and self-development. Thus,  MediaLab is a unique venture that brings together some of the brightest young teachers and the most creative youth. Within the framework of their research we support our students with a rich library, video and photo equipment, darkroom materials, software programs and whatnot!

It’s due to the personal efforts that Utopina has survive  in these had times of  absence of private and public funding.
Today we need your help. Without the necessary funding the continuation of the project becomes unfeasible.
We rely on the Nearest and the Dearest to support the campaign and help us spread the word on social networks. Let’s keep beautiful things alive! Together!
Any contribution counts and is important for us.

You can not only donate to this project but also support our other initiatives by becoming a member or supporter of Utopiana.

Thanks for your compassion and support!