Baghramyan Soundscapes on the Map – sound art workshop by Katharina Stadler cultural-creative organization
is inviting the emerging artists working in audiovisual media, students and those who simply love to work with sound to participate in Baghramyan Soundscapes on the Map, Katharina Stadler’s sound art workshop
organized  in the frame of the EU project SPACES* and in cooperation with [NɛST] community center and artist residency  of ICA Yerevan.

Every city has unique soundscape(s). This is both due to the distinctiveness and diversity of a city, as well as to us as individuals perceiving our environment/daily surroundings.

During the first workshop day we will discuss some theoretical and possible practical approaches to the inter-linkage of sound and space. The participants will then be asked to imagine Baghramyan Street’s most typical sound(s) as to create a mapped sound route guiding themselves and the others to an acoustic sight-hearing (instead of the more common sight-seeing). Then the group will take a walk, exploring the previously discussed through their own ears.
Later they will choose different spots of their own choice and work on a group sound project. The following morning will be committed to recording on their chosen sites.

The second day of the workshop fully focuses on the creation of the students’ own short sight-hearings on Baghramyan Street. After completing their recordings in the morning everyone will bring their material and share them with the others, explaining their choices, etc. Then they will edit in small groups as to mix their recordings into a few short tracks.

All tracks will be again presented in the group and located on a second sound map. A map which in the end of the workshop we will compare to the first sound map created.

The decision on final showcase will be taken by the group upon the completion of the workshop.

The workshop is limited to 10 participants therefore we would like to make a basic selection.
Please send a brief letter of intent (why do you want to participate) to workshop coordinator

Vahe Budumyan
mob: 055 63 85 50

Please bring your own sound recording device of ANY quality (mobile phones, etc.) to the workshop.
A personal laptop and some knowledge of editing software would be useful for the 2nd day of the workshop.
The discussion and editing sessions of the workshop will take place at

Friday, 27.9.2013 16:00 – 20:00
Saturday, 28.9.2013 12:00 – 18:00

ADDRESS: 19 Baghramyan 2nd deadlock
0019 Yerevan, ARMENIA

Katharina Stadler is a sound thinker who works interdisciplinarily and above all with different media. Her work is process-based and connects to questions of memory, absence, identity, gender discourse, neo-colonialism and education. She diffuses artificially constructed borders of time, thinking and consciousness, mostly through the exploration of memory as an essential constant of the quotidian.

Born in Vienna, trained in Berlin and Reykjavík Katharina lives now in Tbilisi, Georgia where she is educational programs curator at the CCA – Center of Contemporary Art and teaches sound art.

More at:

*SPACES is a three year project for artistic and cultural action in public space, taking place in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The project is funded by the European Union through the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.

The residency supports the view from outside and at the same time the networking and capacity building process in the region. Invited artists or cultural producers from the region and beyond contribute to public space events and share their knowledge, experiences and thoughts with local artists and cultural producers.

[NɛST] is a community center and residency cluster for regional and international artists, curators, theatre directors and choreographers, writers, filmmakers, art critics, historians as well as interdisciplinary theorists and researchers.

It gives big importance to integrating invited residents to local artistic community or other social milieu that pertains the sphere of resident’s interests. As a community center it is also open to give floor to activities and initiatives connected to different media and topics in arts and culture as well as civic self-organization and community development.