Lake Tokhmakh

An important part of the MediaLab program are the practical activities of the participants. These include the preparation and development of individual projects. At the end of the program, the students’ projects are exhibited and discussed at the graduation evening.
Lilit Ghazaryan’s photo project focuses on one of Yerevan’s communities’ artificial reservoirs, known to the public as lake Tokhmakh. Through regular visits and extended photographing, Lilit has explored the surroundings of the lake, registering its people and animals, whose activities in one way or another are dependent on the lake. For taking photos, Lilit has chosen a photographic film and an appropriate mechanical camera.

Lake Tokhmakh*
The so called lake Tokhmakh artificial reservoir was built in the VIII century BC. It has a surface area of 8 ha. In the Soviet period, it was called “Komeritmiutyun” and since 2000, “Vardavar”.
In 1578, Mahmad or Mahmmad Khan, nicknamed Tokhmak or Tokhmakh, reconstructed it and named the lake after himself. According to the tradition, having heard the news of the beautiful Abu-Hajat’s suicide, his fiancé Tokhmak Khan threw himself into the lake and drowned, after which the lake was renamed Tokhmakh.
*“The Old and New Yerevan” historical guide book, Yerevan History Museum, Yerevan, author’s edition, 2009