In Between Public and the Public

The collaboration between the artist Harut Alpetyan and the participants of MediaLab initiated the project “In between Public and the Public” which was implemented within the Public Talks events of the SPACES project, supported by the European Commission’s Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.

The “In between Public and the Public” project is a short film, made by Anahit Paskevichyan, Elen Gasparyan, Hasmik Ordukhanyan and Harutyun Alpetyan.

It puts forth a number of questions: how is the notion ‘public’ perceived today? Are its hypotheses clear and distinct? Is there any connection between the way the concept ‘public’  is perceived and the social structure? To what extent are the borders among the public, the social, the state, and the private tangible?

The series of interviews held in the streets, squares, parks, and yards is an attempt to get informed about the opinions and ideas circulating in different social groups, and, at the same time, to promote the process of rethinking and redefining the above-mentioned concepts.