ACTV at Gyumri Biennial launched ACTV- a new online television project- which aims to use art as a tool to study, analyze, present and take part in current social-political processes and to become an alternative platform for the development of these processes.

For this purpose, ACTV has created 4 main platforms: Exploring the Public Space, Conversation, Modern Spaces, Anti-advertising and Men , with the help of which it will be develop its future activities. Several of these platforms will be presented at the Biennial.


Exploring the Public Space
by Davit Stepanyan

Today we become the witnesses and the participants of an important phase in the social behavior of the Armenian society, which is the redefining and the rethinking of the public space into physical, theoretical and virtual formats, as well as the creation of a new type of public space and the acknowledgment of its importance in contemporary social processes.

The media, the internet in particular, plays an important role in this process because it not only represents or interprets reality but also becomes a kind of public space as a tool for shaping itself within its own borders.

Requiring long research, this platform aims to investigate, identify, inventory and analyze familiar and unfamiliar, recognized and/or neglected public lands.

by Arevik Martirosyan and Davit Stepanyan.

This platform consists of a series of pavilion analytical conversations among cultural experts, artists, sociologists and other specialists with the goal to raise awareness in general about issues affecting different public spheres.

The project “A Commentary on the Modern Social Processes in Armenia”, which is presented at the exhibiton, attempts to give a new meaning to the term “national” in the framework of a video interview. The series involve 10 interviews with scientists, art critics and civic activists. The pivotal idea, “the national” paradigm, is introduced by the commentators through different topics (from individual liberties to global political and economic processes) and viewpoints (from mere scientific to personal viewpoints).


Modern Spaces research film series
by Vahe Budumyan & Karin Grigoryan

The project aims to subjectify public space by looking at it as actual physical space (with the help of figurative language) and formulate its perception by the public. The camera will try to “discover” areas considered as public space and “place” them in specific archives, exposing their potential, making them public and accessible (in a virtual sense), as well as drawing the attention of the public to such areas in general. The first three videos from the explorative film series “Modern Spaces” are devoted to the Pantheon of the Komitas park in Yerevan, Gorka park in Gyumri and the city of Stepanavan,



Public Addresses
by Karin Grigoryan

From day to day, the issue of public spaces is becoming more acute in major cities of Armenia. Given maps, plans and projects show another perspective, while in reality the public spaces and green areas of the cities are subject to а crude privatization. The research project Public Addresses applies to the parks of Gyumri which were established in the Soviet 80s and, as a result of the Spitak earthquake (1988), have been turned into cabin townships, changing their meaning necessarily, as well ideologically.




This project  is a synergy project to the “SPACES: Sustainable Public Areas for Culture in Eastern Countries ” project supported by the EU –  Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.