Open Invitation

Open Invitation

Posted on Sep 4, 2012

Culture on Wheels/Transformer
Anna Barseghyan & Stefan Press, a cultural-creative NGO in Yerevan, presents the project Culture on Wheels/Transformer.

The project aims at challenging and redefining the notion of public space in physical, theoretical and virtual formats by creating a multifunctional platform that pushes forward the development of contemporary socio-cultural processes.

For the implementation of the project, it is planned to build a mobile multifunctional complex in form of a truck, which will move from place to place and become an open platform for various activities, events, exchange of information and ideas.

Underlining the importance of public space as a precondition for the development of democracy, the project will evolve according to the principles of cooperation, participation and dialogue, involving both state and civic initiatives and organizations as well as the civil society concerned with the practices of environmental protection, urban development, gender, human rights, art and other local, regional and global issues.

In different parts of Armenia, the project will propose and activate new models for the public space usage, thus raising the awareness of the public and increasing the level of its participation in the responses to current challenges (cultural, urban, environmental, etc.). During its implementation, at the chosen sites the project Transformer will give the opportunity and the place to hold different events and promote meetings in the public space.

The Transformer will include 5 main platforms:

  1. A multimedia library
  2. An exhibition space
  3. A cinema
  4. A tent, where different meetings, discussions and other events will be held
  5. A computer lab
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In the framework of the project Transformer, invites all interested organizations/initiatives to take part in the project. provides the platform. In terms of administrative and technical issues, is ready to provide non-financial assistance.

All interested parties are asked to fill in the attached form:  The deadline for project submissions (only for projects planned during the second half of 2013 ) is September 20, 2012.

Project Coordinator: Karin Grigorya
+ 374 91 55 97 37, + 374 10 26 10 35


The initiative is being developed within the framework of “SPACES: Sustainable Public Areas for Culture in Eastern Countries ”  in cooperation with the European Union’s  Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.